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This is not a complete list, I am working on an upgrade.

I have on this site about 90 percent of the Cunderdin Cemetery. If you think that someone has been missed or would like me to do a look up for you please leave a message in guest book. You will also find another page for the Meckering Cemetery. This is a complete list.


A huge thank you to my husband for all his help and support in getting all this information together and to my children for understanding the importance of such a project.
I have included...

For an easy search, hold control on your keyboard and press f this should bring up a search option.

AITCHISON Roderick William 13/06/1980 15/5/191? Hannah Grace Glen,Grahame,Beth,Melva,Peter,David and Families In loving memory of our parents....your loving children...Inscribed with Hannah
AITCHISON Hannah Grace (nee)Eaton 07/09/1987 14/11/1908 Roderick William Glen,Grahame,Beth,Melva,Peter,David and Families In loving memory of our parents...your loving children...Inscribed with Roderick
ALTUS Herman 01/10/1958 69 UMG
ANDERSEN Gordon mths 15 Thy will be done...Little Gordon dear baby son of W and M Andersen Anglican
ANDERSON William 29/10/1932 62 In loving memory of.........also Anglican
ANDERSON Isabella 15/08/1958 82 also...... Anglican
ANDERSON Maxwell 31/03/1905 Killed in action..France Anglican *
ANDREW Alan Stephen 0?/0?/1971 0?/0?/1912 Margaret David,Gail,Judith and Susan In loving memory of...husband of...father of..Lifes work well done Methodist
BEER Margaret Beatrice 27/12/1927 81 Daughter of Oscar and Beatrice GLIDDON Grand daughter of George and Jane....Friend of Joy BURNS Anglican
BOLTON George 26/12/1913 12days UMG
BROWN William Edgar 22/04/1926 51 Mary Alfred Edgar In loving memory of... dealy beloved husband....fond father... Anglican
BROWN William Edgar (cont) A sleep in Jesus until the resurection morn
BURGESS Gladys Ruby 0?/0?/1990 0?/0?/1919 William George Ruby,Maurice(dec)Verna,Malcom,Thelma and Shirley In loving memory of...beloved wife of...loved mother and father Uniting Church
BURGESS William George 0?/0?/1913 0?/0?/1913 Gladys Ruby Ruby,Maurice(dec)Verna,Malcom,Thelma and Shirley In loving memory of...beloved husband..loved mother and father Uniting Church
BURGESS Albert Charles (Charlie) 30/04/1997 29/11/1919 In loving memory of...R.I.P Anglican
BURNS Charles David 18/11/1962 59 Joy Letham,Christopher,Robert,Timothy,Nicole and Mary In loving memory...beloved husband of...loved father of... To live in the
BURNS Charles David (cont) hearts of those we love is not to die. The lord is my shepherd Methodist
BYCROFT James Clarence 14/07/1937 Agnes Sarah In loving memory of...Beloved husband of Anglican
BYCROFT Agnes Sarah 27/06/1982 James Clarence Also our dear mother....Buried with James Clarence Anglican
CAMERON Christina 17/03/1941 5 Daughter of W and E CAMERON In loving memory of.....also...buried with Elizabeth Ann Anglican
CAMERON Elizabeth Ann 31/08/1945 5 Daughter of W and E CAMERON Chris and Bet Anglican
CARTER Alan 14/11/1928 8 Son of A.J. and R.B. CARTER In loving memory of....beloved son...passed away suddenly.... Anglican
CARTER Alan (cont) Jesus called a little child
CARTER Ruby Blanche 30/12/1974 87 In loving memory of.....Rest in the Lord Methodist
CARTER Arthur James 09/06/1956 77 Ruby In loving memory of our beloved father..Erected by his wife Ruby and Family
CARTER Arthur James (cont) Peace perfect peace Methodist
CARTER Nellie Florence 04/11/1983 74 With Christ Other
CARTER Kenneth Nelson 22/02/1991 84 With Christ Other
CARTER James Bance 26/06/1997 41 Jon In loving memory of...died in Bali...son of Les and Win...father of....we will
CARTER James Bance (cont) all miss his friendly nature and adventurous spirit Methodist
CARTER Arthur Leslie 10/05/1972 22/09/1910 Winifred Roderick and James In loving memory of..beloved husband...devoted father..a farmer
CARTER Arthur Leslie (cont) at rest with the lord Methodist
CHATFIELD Laurence David 09/01/2000 25/05/1916 Roma Brian,Dallas,Heather and Neil In loving memory of...loved husband of..dear father of...R.I.P Anglican
CHATFIELD Garth (Dick) 0?/0?/1997 0?/0?/1922 Betty Allan,Sandra and Families Dearly loved..beloved husband of..loved father of..Forever in our hearts Anglican
CHISHOLM Eric Scott 03/01/1999 14/06/1928 70 Joan Patricia,Allan, Rodney and Michelle husband of..loved father of... Uniting Church
CLARKE Eunice 21/11/1935 3 UMG
COMERFORD Beeney 12/10/1934 65 UMG
COMERFORD Henry 05/04/1935 53 UMG
COTTAM Joseph George 17/06/1993 85 Louise Bill,Edna and Norma In loving memory of...loved husband of...father of...sleeping peacefully Uniting Church
CURRELL M.T. 12/05/1982 48 Frank Loved mother of three In loving memory of...dear wife peace with God Other
CUNNOLD Harry Frederick Born 12/10/1909 Died 24/08/1970. Husband of Eileen (nee Regan)
DAWSON Walter 17/12/1918 45 UMG
DEVENISH Vera Gwendoline 30/06/1982 86 Arthur(dec) Len,Norma and Robert In loving memory of...beloved wife...loved rest Anglican
DEVENISH Arthur William 24/11/1947 52 Vera Gwendoline Len,Norma, and Robert In loving memory of Anglican
DEVENISH Robert Cranford 25/01/1997 24/06/1926 Norma Stuart,Robyn,Wendy,Helen,Terri and Julie In loving memory of...beloved husband of..loved father of..Now absent
DEVENISH Robert Cranford (cont) from the body and at home with the lord Uniting Church
DHUE May Alexandra 26/04/1970 69 In memory of our dear mother...also Methodist
DHUE Charles Lewis 02/08/1971 84 together at rest Methodist
DONOVAN Paulinous James 11/07/1951 87 Agnes Victoria In loving memory of......our father and mother buried with Agnes Catholic
DONOVAN Agnes Victoria 21/10/1930 50 Paulinous James In loving memory of......our father and mother buried with Paulinous Catholic
DONOVAN Tony 11/09/1931 13 R.I.P. buried with Paulinous and Agnes Catholic
EDBROOKE John W 26/10/1935 In loving memory of my dear father.....from Nan Anglican
EDBROOKE Annie 06/08/1953 In loving memory of my dear mother....from Nan Methodist
EGAN Ellen E 28/07/1925 69 Sacred to the memory of our beloved mother.......Requiescat in Pa?ce Catholic
ELLIS James 11/04/1922 93 UMG
FALCONER Keith 06/06/1916 47 UMG
FAWKES George S 10/02/1972 Buried with.. Other
FAWKES Ruth 26/05/1993 89 Other
FAWKES Arthur Albert 25/01/1983 75 Other
FIEGERT Charles Adolph 27/08/1939 69 Susan In loving memory of..also his beloved wife Anglican
FIEGERT Susan 01/08/1958 85 Charles Adolph at rest... Anglican
FIEGERT Robert Hugo 14/06/1982 03/01/1907 75 Nellie Daphne,Shirley,Robert,Bruce,Dorothy and David In loving memory of...beloved husband of..fond father of...
FIEGERT Robert Hugo (cont) A farmer resting peacefully Methodist
FLANAGAN Mary Patricia 01/12/1931 9 Catholic
FLYNN James 15/04/1922 60 UMG
FRAWLEY Matthew James 02/12/1923 54 In loving memory .......R.I.P. Catholic
FULWOOD Thomas Allan 05/12/1915 mths 16 In loving memory of.....Beloved sons of R.H. and E FULWOOD Anglican
FULWOOD Colin Robert 06/02/1917 mths 9 Buried with Thomas Allan Anglican
FULWOOD Robert Harvey 04/01/1950 69 Ethel in loving memory of..My dear husband and loving father... Anglican
FULWOOD Robert Harvey (cont)
FULWOOD Ethel ?/?/1968 84 Robert Harvey Petrel,Gladys,Harvey,Allan,Colin,Willis and Robert In loving memory of..beloved wife of....fond mother Anglican
GAMBLE ?/?/1936 Anglican
GOBEL Mathias 25/06/1924 74 UMG
GODSMAN Adam 11/11/1958 Inverness Scot 1900 Mavis Norma,Margaret,Graham and Elizabeth In loving memory of...beloved husband of...devoted father...Rest in the Lord Anglican
GODSMAN Mavis 0?/0?/1983 Adam Normah,Margaret,Graham and Elizabeth beloved wife of...loved mother of...died Cunderdin Methodist
GREEN Ernest 17/03/1926 8 UMG
GREEN Byant 20/11/1934 12days UMG
GREEN Margaret 12/01/1936 73 UMG
GRUNDY Charlotte 13/11/1921 1hr UMG
HALBERT Margaret 28/08/1928 67 In loving memory of...Who passed away....Till he comes Methodist
HALBERT Don 0?/08/1932 8 In loving memory of..Beloved son of J and E Halbert..For such is the Kingdom
HALBERT Don (cont) of God...Luke 18-16 Methodist
HALBERT James (Jimie) B F/O 15/04/1942 27 Joy In loving memory of...Dearly loved husband of...loved son of J and E Halbert
HALBERT James Jimie (cont) R.A.A.F Shot down over the Mediterannian..He that believeth in me,though
HALBERT James Jimie (cont) he were dear, yet shall we live Methodist *
HALBERT Myra Joyce (Joy) 20/10/1966 18/06/1915 F/O Jimmy
HALBERT Myra Joyce (cont) Alex (1942) Byron,Wayne,Susan and Krista In loving memory of..who lived by faith in Jesus Christ..Beloved wife,..mother Methodist
HALBERT Alexander Robert 22/11/1984 25/11/1912 Joy(dec) Byron,Wayne,Susan and Krista Husband of...father of...To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die..
HALBERT Alexander Robert (cont) Pam G,Father of Erin,Margo,Peter,Justin,Alexandra,Micheal and Emma Methodist
HALBERT Ethel Adelaide 26/01/1986 84 Max Robyn,Ken,Ivan and Kaye In loving memory of..loved wife of...mother of..Happy are those that find
HALBERT Ethel Adelaide (cont) refuge in the Lord Methodist
HALBERT Max 28/10/1995 06/02/1905 Ethel Robin,Ken,Ivan and Kaye In loving memory of...loved husband...father of..Remembered with love by all Methodist
HALBERT Max (cont) Joy
HALBERT James 0?/0?/1946 0?/0?/1871 75 Elsie Max,Vic,Joy,Alex,Jimmy,Hope and Don In loving memory of..dearly loved husband and father..Blessed are the dead,
HALBERT James (cont) that die in the Lord Methodist
HALBERT Elsie May 0?/0?/1971 0?/0?/1881 James 1871-1946 Max,Vic,Joy,Alex,Jimmy1916-1942, Hope and Don 1923-1931 The lord is my shepherd...wife of...mother of...21 G,child, 29Gt,G,Child
HALBERT Infant 23/04/1943 2hrs UMG
HALBERT Elsie May (cont) She loved her neighbour Methodist
HARDERSON Frances 15/12/1922 47 UMG
HARRIS Eva 23/11/1926 7 UMG
HARRIS Edward 23/05/1927 56 UMG
HASTIE William James 27/03/1921 35 Ethel Joyce and Betty In loving memory of...Perfect peace Anglican
HENDERSON Thomas 29/07/1945 75 UMG
HILLAM John Norman 06/04/1978 37 Marian David,Peter,Naomi,Samantha and Jackson Accidentally killed....Dearly loved husband of...father of...Loved by all Methodist
HILLAM Alick Norman 27/12/1971 Dorothy John,Gregory and Janice Treasured memories of...loving husband of..dear parents of... Methodist
HIRD Thomas 23/07/1916 73 UMG
HIRD Leo 07/11/1922 9days UMG
HUBBLE Douglas 18/04/1919 5mths UMG
HULLEY Mary 25/09/1916 56 UMG
HUTCHINSON Steven 25/10/1963 3hrs UMG
JASPER Henry Edward (Ted) 26/02/1948 77 In loving memory of Anglican
JASPER Brodie William 02/08/1990 21/09/1989 In loving memory of...son of Karen and Bryn...Too good to be true Methodist
JASPER Norman Atholstan 29/06/1970 61 Petrel Ken, Gwen and Beryl Sacred to the memory of..beloved husband of..loved father of..Our loved one Methodist
JASPER Emily Jane 08/01/1955 82 In loving memory of Methodist
JASPER Robert 24/07/1926 2days UMG
JEAKES Emily 19/10/1938 58 UMG
JENZEN Sydney Vivian Rex 20/08/1966 58 Sylvia Carmen Robert,John,and Peter In loving memory...beloved husband of...father of...At rest Methodist
JENZEN Sylvia Carmen 24/06/1996 87 Syd Robert,John and Peter Beloved wife of...mother of... Methodist
JENZEN Henry Charles Theodore 03/04/1955 84 Ethel Maude Vera,Syd and Allan In loving memory of.also his wife...beloved parents of..Peace perfect peace Methodist
JENZEN Ethel Maude 04/11/1957 77 Henry Charles Vera,Syd and Allan In loving memoryof...beloved parents of..Peace perfect peace Methodist
JOGINTS Edgar 18/08/1950 5days UMG
JOHNSON James W 11/11/1931 52 In loving memory of....also Anglican
JOHNSON Winifred Maud 24/02/1939 61 buried with James W JOHNSON Anglican
JOHNSON Maria 09/04/1957 2hrs UMG
KHAN Ena Falta 07/01/1914 29days UMG
KITTO Thomas Brian 24/04/1918 wks 9 In loving memory of....Infant son of J.A. and A KITTO Anglican
KITTO James Adams 07/04/1928 51 Alice In loving memory of...loving husband of..buried with Alice Anglican
KITTO Alice 09/11/1967 90 James Adams also... Anglican
KITTO Lloyd Adams 21/06/1974 59 Edna Ian,Glenys,Rodney and Ronda In loving memory of... Methodist
KITTO Inder Garfield 07/01/1970 61 Ella Helen,Alan,Max and Faye In loving memory of...beloved husband of..loved father of.. Methodist
LARGE Ethel May 02/07/1937 16 In loving memory of...daughter of J and S Large Anglican
LARGE Pte Stanley Edward 01/09/1942 23 2/16th A.I.F.D. Coy Killed in action, New Guinea....till we meet again Anglican *
LARKIN Frank 13/10/1969 62 Lorna Peter,Tricia,Brenda,Marilyn,Harold and Christina In loving memory of..Beloved husband and father Catholic
LILLIS James 29/06/1921 46 In loving memory of our dear father....a patient sufferer at rest Catholic
LUNDY James Croft 04/05/1914 17 Until the day dawns Anglican
LUNDY Sabrina 21/03/1929 John S Steve,Hope,Mary and James In loving rememberance of...loved wife of...mother of... Anglican
LUNDY *** Hope ?/?/1969 22/03/1905 Douglas Herman Daughter of Sarbina Maria and John Sinclair LUNDY, mother of Maria Loved bt all Anglican
LYONS Harold 07/07/1918 13days UMG
MACLENNAN Daisy 25/06/1955 65 John Peggy In loving memory of..beloved parents of...also Methodist
MACLENNAN John 03/07/1964 77 Daisy Peggy In loving memory of...beloved parents of Methodist
MADDERN Matthew 05/07/1940 Anglican
MARTAIN Norma 26/03/1916 73 UMG
MARTAIN George 09/03/1917 84 UMG
MARTAIN Ernest 26/06/1925 8mths UMG
MARTIN Michael 04/10/1922 42 UMG
MATTHEWS Una Constance 20/09/1967 54 In loving memory of....R.I.P. Catholic
MATTHEWS Elizabeth P 21/06/1935 9/12/1879 55 In loving memory of.... Anglican
MATTHEWS David Amos 31/12/1956 84 In fond memory of... Methodist
MATTHEWS Roy Robert 29/10/1978 30/06/1910 Bim Robyn,Jill,Dale,Frankie and Toni Our beloved husband and father.....Abide with me Methodist
MATTHEWS Emily May 13/02/1982 14/05/1912 Also beloved wife and mother...I am the resurection and the life John CII
MATTHEWS Emily May (cont) V25 reunited with her loved one. Methodist
Mc ROBERT Sylvia Carmen Harry Much loved second wife of...
McCULLOUGH John 10/06/1923 63 UMG
McDOWELL Eileen D 08/10/1998 Robert (dec) In loving memory of...with Christ...beloved wife of... Other
McKIE George Wallis 18/10/1928 68 Jane Sacred to the memory of.... buried with Jane Anglican
McKIE Jane ?/?/1939 07/02/1905 George Wallis Robert, Beatrice and Constance dearly loved mother of... buried with George Wallis Anglican
McLEOD 07/03/1928 37 UMG
McMAHON Michael 23/12/1922 65 UMG
McWATERS George Fredrick 23/09/1968 57 Marjory Margaret, Robert and Prudence In loving memory of...beloved husband....devoted father Anglican
McWILLIAMS Annie 12/07/1941 73 W.G. In loving memory of....beloved rest Anglican
MEADOWS Crannie 79 Anglican
MEADOWS Charles 25/10/1928 78 Anglican
MILLS William 07/07/1975 62 Olive(dec) Pam Beloved husband of...father of....R.I.P. Methodist
MUIR Duncan 05/08/1937 70 Methodist
MURRELL Edgar 0?/02/1996 0?/03/1914 Other
MUSSARED Helen Ross 29/11/1986 27/05/1908 In loving memory of...with her lord Uniting Church
PANTON Stephen 13/11/1958 8hrs UMG
PASCOE Norman Binnie Sgt Inf 17/04/1941 Fond memory of...died of wounds Tobruk....ever remembered by your
PASCOE Norman Binnie (cont) loving family Methodist *
PASCOE Joe 08/09/1955 82 Annie Mavis,Harry,Norman,Wallace,Lester,Donald and Una In loving memory of..Beloved husband..fond father R.I.P Methodist
PASCOE Wallace Harrison 12/12/1984 79 Elizabeth In loving memory of...dearly loved husband of... Always remembered Uniting Church
PATERSON John 11/09/1981 57 Fond memories of...R.I.P Methodist
PEARSE Mary Isabella ?/?/1936 19/04/1905 John Jeffery James,Lawrie,Bill,Joan,Bina and Isobel In loving memory of..loved wife of...dearly loved mother of...also Anglican
PEARSE James Lundy ?/?/1980 03/04/1905 Son and brother.... Anglican
PEARSE John Jeffery 22/06/1975 81 Evelyn James,Laurie(dec)William,Joan,Bina and Isobel In loving memory of...The lord is my shephed... Methodist
PEARSE Lawrance Wilfred 406550 22/01/1944 22 406550 F/O R.A.A.F. Died Germany....
PEARSE Lawrance Wilfred (cont) Inscribed on grave of Jeff Pearse Methodist *
PEARSE Florence Evelyn 01/03/1999 24/05/1902 Jeff James,Laurie(dec)William,Joan,Bina and Isobel Also...Wife of..mother to Jeffs children from15/12/1941 Loved and Loving
PEARSE Florence Evelyn (cont) Forever with the lord Methodist
PEARSE William John 07/07/1992 16/10/1923 Peg Stephen In loving memory of..beloved husband...loved father Methodist
PETTIT Rose May 05/07/1990 86 Henry James Eunice,Stan,Mervyn(dec)Ken and Norma In loving memory of..beloved wife of, loved mother... Uniting Church
PETTIT Henry James 11/02/1998 101 Rose May Eunice,stan,Mervyn(dec)Ken and Norma A loved husband and father at rest....Remembered with love Uniting Church
PIRIE Robert N.C. 19/09/1988 28/03/1904 A soldier of the cross, now in Gods presence Other
PRICE James Jacob 18/11/1911 Eagle Hawk VIC Will,Teresa,John,Alfred,Bell,Bert,Bede,Lorna and Rol In loving memory of Catholic
PRICE John Alfred 17/08/1942 WX7979 2/28th P.O.W. Ruin Ridge Alamein. Lost at sea Catholic *
PYBUS William Ralf 11/10/1915 32 In loving memory of....we part to meet again Anglican
QUINN Micheal Leonard 14/10/1953 1/8/1892 Myrtle Agnes Shirley,Pat and June In loving memory of...Loved parents of.... Inscribed with Myrtle Agnes
QUINN Myrtle Agnes 18/12/1966 20/12/1892 Michael Leonard Shirley,Pat and June In loving memory of...Loved parents of...Inscribed with Michael Leonard
RAIMOND Kuze 28/04/1950 4mths UMG
REIMERS John 02/07/1938 75 UMG
REYNOLDS Alfred 09/05/1927 62 In loving memory........buried with Susanah Elizabeth Catholic
REYNOLDS Susanah Elizabeth 26/09/1948 82 In loving memory .......buried with Alfred Catholic
ROGERS Joseph 18/06/1947 84 UMG
SAGGERS Christine Annie 27/05/1936 50 J.J. In loving memory of....beloved wife Anglican
SAWYER Louis 14/03/1922 37 UMG
SCADDEN James 26/03/1940 72 Margaret Dorothy,Eliot,Herbert and Alan In loving memory of...also...buried with Margaret Anglican
SCADDEN Margaret 09/07/1945 77 James Dorothy,Eliot,Herbert and Alan ever remembered Anglican
SHEEHAN Eileen 17/08/1927 8wks UMG
SINGH Butta 17/06/1919 60 UMG
SMART Barry Robert 03/11/1979 18 In loving memory of...Loved son of Coralie and of John,
SMART Barry Robert (cont) Wendy, and David...Suddenly taken...Treasured memories Other
SVENDSEN Hilda 25/11/1950 53 In loving memory of our beloved Wife Mother and Grandmother Catholic
SWARTZ F.C. 06/07/1937 UMG
THOMPSON Private William 14/09/1929 Australian Imperial Forces...4305..51st Battalion Anglican
THORNE Phillip 04/10/1930 10days UMG
THORNTON-SMITH William 28/07/1992 88 Vera Bill and Robert Happy memories of...beloved husband....loving father Anglican
TINDAL William Lewis 27/07/1970 83 Departed to be with Christ....buried with Other Denominations
TINDAL Clarice Hazel 08/02/1985 86 Other
TREGILLAS William 23/01/1923 78 UMG
TURNBALL Mabel 25/11/1915 6 Anglican
WATTS Alf 02/11/1958 58 Lorna Hal, Peter,Don and Gill In loving memory of.beloved husband of..fond father of..So deep in our hearts Methodist
WHARFF Alfred 27/09/1932 54 UMG
WHARFF Sarah 21/06/1945 76 UMG
WHISSON John Evan 05/06/1991 01/02/1952 Leonie Colin,Donna and Bradley In loving memory of...much loved husband of...loving father of....
WHISSON John Evan (cont) Tragically killed...he brightened our lives..I am the resurection and the life Uniting Church
WHISSON John Evan (cont) whoever believes in me shall have eternal peace...Treasured memories of
WHISSON John Evan (cont) John chosen son of Dorothy and Frank Carter
WILKINS Fredrick James 03/10/1925 81 Matilda,Edward,Louisa,Marion,Horace,Robert,William and Nelly Beloved father of Anglican
WILKINS Caroline Mary 07/09/1930 75 Matilda,Edward,Louisa,Marion,Horace,Robert,William and Nelly In loving memory of...beloved mother of....buried with Nellie Woodley Anglican
WILKINS Henry 25/12/1942 84 UMG
WILLIAMS Dorothy E 0?/0?/1994 0?/0?/1942 David Deborah and Jason Wife and irreplacable friend of...precious mother of...Adored Grandmama
WILLIAMS Dorothy E (cont) of Anastasia..Totally loved to the sky and back Other
WOODLEY Nellie Beatrice 12/06/1905 08/03/1905 Austin,Vera,Harry,Fred,Roy,Dot and Peter mother of.... Anglican
WOODLEY Michael 28/01/1943 6hrs UMG
YATES Jaunita Stoessel 06/07/1972 57 Frank Ian In loving memory of..Loved wife...devoted mother Methodist
YATES Frank Cecil 14/02/1988 72 Jaunita Ian In loving memory of... loved husband of...father of... Methodist
YATES Ian Graeme 07/10/1997 29/03/1952 Loved son of Nita and Frank Methodist
YEATES Colleen 20/06/1932 3days UMG
YOUNG Charles 05/12/1922 25 Anglican




ROSE W.C. 31/12/1931 82 Memories of.....Loving Father of teen(this is how it is writen on the grave)
SCREECH Edward 6/10/1967 6/08/1904 In loving memory of
SCREECH Alice Catherine 27/03/1998 21/07/1902 In loving memory of....Reunited with her brother Edward
BLOOD Robert 7/08/1959 28/02/1880 In loving memory of...Reunited with Eliza
BLOOD Eliza Ann 16/04/1933 43 In loving memory of....Our loved one
SCREECH Eliza Ann 16/01/1926 59 Mother and Father...In loving memory of....Our dear Mother..Rememberance
SCREECH William John 18/04/1926 66 Mother and Father..Also our dear Father......In loving memory of.....Rememberance
COMBLEY Caroline 21/03/1952 80 In loving memory of...Our dear Mother
COMBLEY Fred 30/03/1953 87 Also Our dear Father....In loving memory of
BURGES Samuel 13/01/1965 79 Meta In loving memory of...loved husband of...passed away
SIDDONS Glenys Meta 2 1/2 Also...In loving memory of....Loved daughter of Meta and William
SUDHOLZ Mary 22/07/1952 In loving memory of...
SHEHAN William 16/09/1935 67 In loving memory of....who died...(There is a poem on this grave, please contact me if wish the details)
BURGES Meta 17/06/1971 71 Samuel In loving memory of...loved wife of..passed away....A wonderful Wife and Mother
BURGES Betty A 8/10/1996 76 In loving memory of...Loved daughter of Meta and Samuel...passed away
SUDHOLZ Johann Friedrich 00/00/1954 00/00/1870
BIDDLE Elizabeth 4/03/1951 69 In loving memory of
BIDDLE David 17/09/1952 79 In loving memory of
SNOOKE Ruth Laurel 26/10/1991 6/08/1910 Joe Graham, Darryl, Kerry, and Suzanne In loving memory of....Dear Wife of...Loved and devoted Mother of...
SNOOKE Robert Joe 19/09/1995 12/05/1915 Ruth Graham, Darryl, Kerry, and Suzanne Also our Dear Father
MAHOOD William 26/11/1954 83 In loving memory of.....who his 83rd year
PENNY Eric Claude 19/06/1968 Mary Ann Cyril, Jeffrey, Phillip, Peter, Desmond In loving memory of...and...Tragically taken...Loved parents of....R.I.P.
PENNY Mary Ann 19/06/1968 Eric Claude Cyril, Jeffrey, Phillip, Peter, Desmond In loving memory of...and...Tragically taken...Loved parents of....R.I.P.
CHENEY James Gordon 19/09/1940 49 In loving memory of
SNOOKE Rosalind Victoria 28/07/1957 70 In loving memory
SNOOKE Graham Combley 20/06/1939 58 In loving memory of...who died
CHERITON Richard 17/07/1938 14/06/1869 In loving memory of..also his beloved wife
CHERITON Beatrice Jessie 21/06/1949 29/09/1872 In loving memory of..also his beloved wife
SNOOKE Grecian Elaine 2/12/1937 58 REMEMBERANCE...In loving memory of... who departed this life on...
BURGES Gwendolyn Beatrice Beulah 18/07/1987 93 In loving memory of....our beloved wife and mother
WILSON Vivian David 1/09/1955 54 Helena Isabella In loving memory of our beloved husband and father....also
WILSON Helena Isabella 29/08/1975 71 Vivian David also our beloved mother
SNOOKE Grecian 11/02/1950 92 Joe Sacred to the memory of...wife of the late...who passed away...And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea.
SNOOKE Joe 8/07/1918 76 Grecian Sacred to the memory of....who passed away...I hope to see my pilot face to face, When I have crossed the bar.
MILLINGTON Maud 21/09/1922 43 Joseph beloved wife of...
SOLOMON Alex 2/03/1924 48 Eva Laurie and Godfrey Father...Loving memory of...beloved husband of...and loving father
SOLOMON Eva H 18/12/1958 82 Alex Laurie and Godfrey rest
WETHERALL Frances 17/04/1926 84 In loving memory of...Our dear mother...who departed this life
McILWRAITH James B 11/02/1924 60 In loving memory of...who died...A loving husband and devoted father....Peace perfect peace
GENTLE Mary Ellen 14/09/1927 44 William In loving memory of...dearly beloved wife of....At rest
GENTLE William 11/11/1947 71 Mary Ellen Also...
GIFFORD Frank 4/10/1907 30 Mary Ellen Broad In loving memory of...beloved husband of...Resting with Jesus...Memorial only by kind permission of W.M. Gentle and Family
CARTER William Wesley 19/08/1956 85 In loving memory of
CARTER Rebecca 29/09/1958 83 In loving memory of
KELLY May Florence 23/11/1969 78 Albert Edward (Ned) In loving memory of...loved wife of
KELLY Albert Edward (Ned) 4/07/1979 89 May Florance In loving memory of...loved husband of
TAYLOR Benjamin Robert Archer 28/06/1941 29/06/1855 Here lieth....M.R.C.S. I?L? -SA...A corner that is forever England
MAHOOD Mary Alice 9/06/1947 73 In loving memory of.....A wonderful wife and mother
RIGGS James 23/09/1979 64 Rita Marylin and Colin In loving memory of...beloved husband of...loved father of...passed away
YEO Edith Maud 10/11/1914 41 H In loving memory of...The beloved wife of
YEO Herbert Ernest 8/08/1950 81 Edith Maud Phyllis, Gwen, Ernest and Roma in memory of...loved husband of the late....loved father of...
ANTONY Jean Crawford 4/08/1919 54 In loving memory of our dear mother...Nearer my God to me
WATTS Constance Susan 25/03/1929 16yrs8m In loving memory of...One day we'll understand
WATTS Helen Dagmar 29/11/1933 25 In loving memory of....Our darling Nell
ROBERTS M Mabel 30/12/1883 Edwin Ian loving memory of...(nee Masters) of Reeves Plains S.A....found wife of...mother of...mother in-law of Judith, adored Grand-ma of Denton and  Winsome..The lord is my shepherd
MORRELL Maud 16/02/1933 In fond rememberance of...a loving wife and mother...called to higher service
MORRELL John 00/00/1995 00/00/1903 Frances Loving son of Aubrey and Jessie...beloved husband of.....Romans X.15 ( I have this writings on my hard drive please contact me for further details)
RHODES Charles Samuel 3/06/1936 68 Louisa Malcolm and Mavis In memory of...loving husband of..fond father of...
REYNOLDS Louisa 28/02/1960 79 In loving memory of..our dear mother...Behold I come quickly
REYNOLDS Arthur Henry 7/11/1940 65 In loving memory of...who died...Even so come Lord Jesus
MORRELL Forrest Edwin 24/09/1956 70 Jean Mary In loving memory of our beloved husband and father...passed away
MORRELL Jean Mary 14/07/1975 62 Forrest Edwin also his beloved wife...called to higher service...reunited
KELLY Thomas 8/04/1964 86 Matilda In loving memory of....
KELLY Matilda 22/07/1978 93 Thomas Also his loved wife
COLLINS John 2/08/1972 95 Petty Rita, Dudley, Audrey, Marjorie, Vera In loving memory of...beloved husband of...
COLLINS Mary Elizabeth (Petty) 13/12/1984 86 John Rita, Dudley, Audrey, Marjorie, Vera Also his beloved wife...Parents of....
WHISSON Vera Doris 00/05/1970 50 William Ray Maxine, Roy, Janice, Alan, Leslie and Kevin In loving memory of....she lived for those she loved
WHISSON William Ray 00/12/1980 65 Vera Doris Maxine, Roy, Janice, Alan, Leslie and Kevin Memories of your laughter will remain....loved parents of
HILL John Clemant 27/11/1973 63 In memory of....passed away...from his loving wife and family
HILL Roma 28/03/1995 84 Kevin, Stan and Edith In loving memory of...loved mother of....passed away
KELLY Anna Celeste 1/07/1990 8Mths In loving memory of....
DICKINSON Myrtle Evelyn May 22/02/1982 70 Thomas Peter and Mavis In loving memory of...loved wife of...devoted mother of...passed away...Absent from the body Present with the lord....2.cor 5.8
DICKINSON Thomas 21/06/1984 74 Myrtle Peter and Mavis In loving memory of...loved husband of...devoted father of...passed away...Who shall ever call upon the name of the lord shall be saved...Acts 2.21
PEARSE Wilfred Carlyle 13/08/1972 67 Ida Evelyn Allan, Gwenda, Merle and Valarie In loving memory of...passed away..from his loving wife and family
PEARSE Ida Evelyn 21/03/1992 24/10/1906 Wilfred Allan, Gwenda, Merle and Valarie In loving memory of...wife of...mother of..
DAVIE Robert 14/12/1964 79 In loving memory of...born Luncarty, Scotland
DAVIE Lizzie 28/04/1965 77 born Perth, Scotland
TREWREN William 24/03/1956 80
WILLIAMS Hilda Lydia 15/10/1954 79 In lovind memory of our dear wife and rest
HILL Joseph 4/11/1945 76 In loving memory of...who rest
HILL Grace L 7/08/1971 95 In loving memory of...died
RICHARDSON Albert Paul 24/11/1940 58 Mary In loving memory of our dear husband and father...who died
RICHARDSON Mary 4/05/1959 79 Albert Paul also
MORRELL Jessie 12/12/1959 92 Aubrey Woodley John and Bessie In loving memory of..died
MORRELL Aubrey Woodley 27/06/1965 92 Jessie John and Bessie also...beloved parents of...At rest
BRADTKE Frederick 12/07/1959 76 In loving memory of...
WILLIAMS Polly 17/07/1945 51 E.M. In loving memory of...beloved wife of...who died... A loving wife..A devoted mother
PEARSE William 11/11/1928 63 In loving memory of....who died...Erected by his loving wife and children
PEARSE Eva Oram 1/08/1927 62 In loving memory of...who died... erected by her loving sister Laura
PEARSE Emily Laura 6/08/1933 66 In loving memory of...Our dear mother...who departed this life...A nobel example
COMBLEY Josephine 11/12/1912 35 Harry Patrick Sermon In loving memory of...dearly beloved wife of...who died...Rest in Peace
MARKEY John Thomas Cave 11/05/1916 45 In loving memory of... who died..A loving husband and kind father
WALTERS Jonathon Charles 21/02/1985 26/11/1910 Jean Allan, Rob, Lynnette and Janine In loving memory of...Beloved husband of...loved father of
COLLINS Mertyl May 21/12/1977 78 In loving memory of...
COLLINS Albert Edward 19/08/1973 77 In loving memory of...
WILLIAMS Trevor John 18/03/1999 9/01/1915 Ann Mervyn, Dianne and families In loving memory of...beloved husband of...loving father of....
RICHARDSON Norman Albert 00/00/2001 00/00/1911 Doreen Ellen Peter, Lesley, Colin, Janice, Geoffrey and Donald In loving memory of...Beloved husband of...Loved father of....R.I.P.
BIDDLE Samantha Pamela Frances 30/05/1995 30/08/1940 Max Julie and Leanne In loving memory of...wife of...loved mother of...Nanna to Shannon...Praise the lord
ELLIOTT William Thomas 6/06/1975 76 Vonnie In loving memory of... passed away... always remembered by his loving wife and family....R.I.P.
ELLIOTT Mary Veronica 21/11/1978 65 In loving memory of...passed away....always remembered by her loving family....R.I.P.
BIDDLE Vernon Everard 14/02/1973 79 Florence Ellen In loving memory of...
BIDDLE Florence Ellen 25/03/1947 50 Vernon Everard also...his beloved wife
PEARSE Lawrence 22/09/1970 72 Bessie Mildred In loving memory of our beloved husband and father
PEARSE Bessie Mildred 30/11/1989 83 Lawrence also our beloved mother
REYNOLDS Lily Mabel 25/04/1958 79 Furbois Randolph In loving memory of...beloved wife of...Remembered with love and gratitude...Safe in his keeping
REYNOLDS Furbois Randolph 16/07/1954 83 Lily Mabel In loving memory of...cherished husband of...The dead in Christ shall arise....Nearer my God to thee
WESTON Harry G 12/01/1947 74 In loving memory of...
WESTON Annie E 6/07/1964 90 In loving memory of...
SHAW David Kernack 7/03/1947 52 In loving memory of...who died
FISHER Lloyd Wesley 23/01/1948 29 In loving memory of...who died...Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord for they shall cease from their labours and their works do follow them
WHISSON Gerald Charles 26/10/1949 8 Months In loving memory of... Loving son of J.A. and D.N. Whisson...who died
WHISSON John Arthur 16/09/1965 47 Dorothy Nance Meg, Gerald (Dec), Andrea, John, Terry, Chris In loving memory of...Beloved parents of...
WHISSON Dorothy Nance 3/08/1970 51 John Arthur Meg, Gerald (Dec), Andrea, John, Terry, Chris In loving memory of...Beloved parents of...
REYNOLDS Janet 19/12/1960 60 In loving memory of...
REYNOLDS Everett Nelson 28/03/1994 24/01/1906 Also
CULLINANE Clare Mary 3/07/1980 84 Vincent Pat, Mary, Veronica, frank, Beloved wife of...loved mother of...passed away....A gentle lady gone to rest
CULLINANE John Vincent 7/12/1982 86 Clare Mary Pat, Mary, Veronica, frank, also her beloved husband....passed away
LEYDEN James Patrick (Jim) 21/03/1997 66 Helmi Katherine In loving memory of...Beloved husband of...loved father of...passed away
BONSER Mary Josephine 12/04/1987 89 In loving memory of....
BONSER Alfred Lionel 6/11/1954 65 In loving memory of....
PEAKE Jane 23/05/1944 In loving memory of our dear mother...passed away
CULLINANE Cyril Joseph 3/08/1940 32 Laurel Catherine In loving memory of...died...
CULLINANE Laurel Catherine 18/07/1968 58 Cyril Joseph also his beloved wife....May they rest in peace
CULLINANE Patrick 12/02/1925 65 In loving memory of...who died....
CULLINANE Annie Philamena 5/12/1945 76 also...erected by his loving wife sons and daughter
MERRY Mary Ann Robert R.I.P. erected by Dora Ann
MERRY Robert Mary Ann also
THORNETT Mary Eliza 26/01/1946 63 Frederick E Mary, Eileen, Evelyn and Alma In loving memory of...beloved wife of...loved mother of...R.I.P
MERRY Charles 11/09/1952 34
PEARSE Neale Douglas 8/05/1992 29 Jacqueline Kellie In loving memory of...dearly beloved husband of...much loved father of...loving son of Norma and Allan...Brother of Jeffrey, Bethwyn, Murry and Gary...So dearly loved, so sadly missed
PRESTON Jack 10/07/1983 76 Beth Ian, Jill, Don and Anne In loving memory of...passed away...Dearly loved husband of...loved father of
SOLOMON Lawrence Monger 00/00/1987 00/00/1910 Jessie Joan, Brian, Kaye and Howard In loving memory of...loved husband of...loved father of
SOLOMON Jessie Stewart 00/00/1989 00/00/1914 Lawrence Joan, Brian, Kaye and Howard In loving memory of...loved wife of...loved mother of
WILEY Colin Duncan 19/04/1992 16/02/1923 Gwen Janette, Timothy, Jillian and Leanne Treasured memories of...dearly loved husband of...loving father of
WILLIAM Lily Patrick 00/00/1997 00/00/1952 In loving memory of a true free spirit...always remembered
WILKINS Angela Carmen 28/10/1996 20/01/1981 Finely at rest with the angels..Beloved daughter of Ken and Sandy, sister of Trina and Melinda..Here for such a short time. Inspired so many you were an angel, always in our hearts
SUDHOLZ Frederick Henry (Fred) 10/09/1992 16/10/1910 82 Joy Margaret, Darryl and Christine In loving memory of...passed away...beloved husband of..loved Dad of
HOPKINS Jean Gertrude 28/02/1992 80 Bill (Dec) Thelma (Dec), Eunice (Dec), Roy, Maxine, Bruce and Kevin In loving memory of..Beloved wife of..loved mother of...Lovingly remembered
SHARPE Thomas 21/06/1934 69 In loving memory of..
SHARPE Thelma Jean also ....beloved daughters of Jean and William Hopkins
HOPKINS Eunice also ....beloved daughters of Jean and William Hopkins
SHARPE Elizabeth Gertrude 3/01/1965 86 Thomas (Dec) Jean In loving memory of...widow of the late...dearly loved mother of (Mrs Hopkins)
CHERITON Eric Adrian 18/11/1986 16/04/1908 In loving memory of...
EDWARDS Ernest William 2/12/1950 74 In loving memory of...
COLLINS Kate 24/09/1948 67 In loving memory of..daughter of John and Matilda Collins of Waeel
COLLINS Samuel 21/07/1913 30 In loving memory of...dearly beloved son of J and M Collins who departed this life..Not gone from memory, not gone from love, but gone to our fathers home above. The cup was bitter the pain servere, to part from him we loved so dear
COLLINS John 6/07/1921 78 Matilda In loving memory of...
COLLINS Matilda 27/01/1926 81 John also....beloved wife of the above

There is also a wall just inside the cemetery and those on that wall are as follows:

BROARD S.R. (Roy) 23/07/1989 23/10/1906 In loving memory of...
REYNOLDS Austin Hill 23/02/1988 3/04/1905 Gwendoline Shapland Keith (Dec), Betty, Patricia, Lawrence, Dorothy, Geoffrey and Judith In memory of...Beloved parents of....
REYNOLDS Gwendoline Shapland 5/04